Safety Management
Systems (SMS)

From Large Hub to smaller Regional airports, Futron Aviation has assisted Part 139 Airport Management in the Safety Management System development process. Current and recent past clients for a gap analysis, Safety Risk Assessments (SRA), SMS Implementation, and Safety Training include Denver, Indianapolis, Peoria, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma International and South Bend Regional Airports.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Futron Aviation is providing Aviation and Airport stakeholders new insights into the consistently evolving UAS environment.  Futron Aviation led a Transportation Research Board, Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) report 03-30 titled “UAS at Airports-A Primer”.  Additionally, with its extensive background in Aviation and Safety Risk Management, Futron Aviation has the expertise needed to advise Airports, Commercial and Military Operators, and Manufacturers on all UAS considerations.

Aviation Safety / Research

From aviation safety gap analyses for the Commander of Naval Air Forces to multiple Transportation Research Board, Airport Cooperative Research Board (ACRP) Research Projects to include ACRP 04-16, Safety Risk Management for Airport, ACRP 03-30, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at Airports: A Primer, and ACRP 10-22, Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Aircraft Accident Planning, Futron Aviation has provided in-depth research and analysis for aviation safety projects that provide insight and guidance to a large aviation audience.

Risk Management

Futron Aviation has a long history of supporting the NASA Continuous Risk Management process for both NASA Johnson Space Center’s Space Shuttle Program and NASA Langley Research Center’s Flight Projects Division and implementing Enterprise Risk Management in multiple government agencies. Additionally, Futron Aviation’s risk management experts have an extensive background in Operational Risk Management and Crew Resource Management used in the Department of Defense.

RTMs / Conferences

Futron Aviation has organized and executed several Reverse Trade Missions (RTM) for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to include Kenya Airports Modernization RTM, Myanmar Civil Aviation Modernization RTM, and Sub Saharan Africa Regional Light Aircraft and Helicopter RTM, and internationally scheduled and attended U.S. – Brazil Aviation Partnership Series (9 workshops held in both US and Brazil) as well as a NASA Safety Leadership Seminar for multiple NASA Centers.


Futron’s aviation experts bring decades of experience in critical aspects of safety, operations, hazard analysis, research, and risk management. We view safety as an inseparable and critical component of operational excellence. We strive to integrate safety practices into the daily operational mindset of airports and flying operations, building a culture that views safety as just the way business is done.