Futron Aviation is delivering high quality research products for the National Academies through the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). ACRP is managed by the TRB and sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration and through ACRP projects, Futron Aviation conducts research to produce hands-on practical solutions to help airport operators. Through our research, Futron Aviation has produced, or is developing invaluable aviation products to include a guidebook for Safety Management Systems at airports, A Primer for UAS operations at airports, an evaluation of emergency response training tools, and guidance and training materials on stakeholder engagement in emergencies at airports. Specific ACRP projects Futron Aviation is leading are:

10-22 Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Aircraft Accident Planning
04-04A Evaluating the Airport Emergency Response Operations Simulation (AEROS) Tool
04-16 Safety Risk Management for Airports
03-30 Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Airports: A Primer