Effective implementation of a Safety Management System is enabled by a strong safety culture. Using Futron Aviation’s Vector Process, the proper assessment and shaping of organizational safety culture improves the both the safety and operational performance of your organization. Positively influencing the safety perceptions of your employees and guiding their safety behaviors is fundamental to risk informed decision making and the integration of effective safety practices in daily activities. Using the Vector Process to understand the safety culture within your organization allows management and staff to understand why workers make safety-related decisions; it helps all employees understand (and change) behaviors and results.

Futron Aviation’s Safety Culture Shaping services give the client knowledge on the climate of the organization upon which leaders can take action to improve the organizational culture. The Vector Process establishes a continuous process for shaping a more positive safety culture through the management of safety climate. While every organization has unique needs, we have developed a comprehensive methodology to help shape culture through leadership, measurement, training, and education. Futron’s Vector Process provides:

• A background in safety and organizational culture
• Tools that provide actionable knowledge of organizational culture, safety climate, and
employee perceptions
• Insight necessary to proactively shape the culture of your organization

Futron’s approach enhances the effectiveness of a safety management system and is a key element in an organization’s safety promotion initiatives.