Futron Aviation facilitates Safety Risk Assessments (SRA) to support the Safety Risk Management (SRM) component of an organization’s Safety Management System (SMS). We collaborate with client to provide a better understand the risks within every project. SRAs are conducted whenever a change to the system is planned, the client identifies a hazardous condition impacting performance, and at critical points throughout the design, build and operation cycle of large organizational projects. SRAs offer the entire organizational team and external stakeholders a forum to better understand the complexities of projects. Effective SRAs capture expert input in a collaborative environment, and produce optimal results with increased buy-in, improved hazard mitigation, and decrease the chances of future redesign or hazards.

Safety Risk Assessments provide a standardized way for the organization and all its stakeholders to view, mitigate and capture risk for optimal operations. Understanding and mitigating your risks before design and throughout the project minimizes your possibility of an adverse event sabotaging success. An effective SRA saves money by identifying possible design and operational issues that could delay your construction schedule or require redesign. SRAs provide safety risk management education and process understanding for all team members. The process increases the organization’s risk awareness and mitigates future hazards as early as possible.

Futron Aviation has facilitated Safety Risk Assessments at the following airports in support of both FAA sponsored Airport Improvement Program (AIP) projects and internally funded airport projects:

• San Antonio International Airport (SAT)
• Indianapolis International Airport (IND)
• Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
• Huntsville International Airport (HSV)
• San Francisco International Airport (SFO)